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I was born in Adana on July 4,1996 as a daughter of gymnastics instructors.As a matter of course, I started gymnastics training at a very early age. I took part in a lot of competitions among the world and I got Turkey’s championship 30 times at the aerobic gymnastics branch. In addition, I waved my country’s flag as a national athlete in gymnastics championships.

The competitions that I took part in:

2009 Aerobic Gymnastics Balkan Championships Romania

2012 Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships , Sofia (Bulgaria)

2013 Aerobic Gymnastics European Championships, Arques (France)

2013 Aerobics Gymnastics FIG World Cup , Borovets (Bulgaria)

Ezgi Zaman

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  • The dance festivals that I took part in

    The dance festivals that I took part in

    • -1th İstanbul İnternational Dance Festival, April 2012 İstanbul, Turkey
    • - 2th İstanbul İnternational Dance Festival, April 2013 İstanbul, Turkey
    • - 3th İstanbul İnternational Dance Festival, April 2014 İstanbul, Turkey
    • - 8th Balkan Salsa Congress, October 2014 Bulgaria
    • - 1th Antalya İnternational Dans Festivali, November 2014
    • - 4th İstanbul İnternational Dance Festival, April 2015 İstanbul, Turkey
    • - 1th İzmir İnternational Dans Congress September 2015
    • - 2th Lebanon Dance Festival, February 2016
    • - Frankfurt Dance Festival, March 2016 Germany
    • - 5th İstanbul İnternational Dance Festival, April 2016 İstanbul, Turkey
    • - 7th Salsa Spring Festival, Greece, May 2016
    • - Frankfurt Summer Dance Festival, July 2015 Germany
    • - 2th Egypt International Dance Congress, December 2016
    • - Tallin Salsa Festival, March 2017 Estonia
    • - Monaco Salsa Festival, March 2017
    • - Frankfurt Dance Festival, March 2017 Germany
    • - 6th Istanbul International Dance Festival, April 2017, Turkey
    • - Los Angeles Salsa Festival, May 2017, LA,USA
    • - Que Viva la Salsa Congress, June 2017, Italy
    • - Remeneate Dance Festival, June 2017, Italy
    • - New York Salsa Congress, September 2017, USA
    • - Egypt International Dance Congress, December 2017
  • The Branches that I am Training

    The Branches that I am Training

    • -Pilates
    • -Gymnastics
    • -Contemporary Dance
    • -Salsa
    • -Salsa Musicallity
    • -Contemporary Dance Musicallity
    • -Body isolation and movement techniques (salsa and contemporary)
    • -Pole Dance
    • -Acrobatics techniques
    • -Spin techniques
    • -Freerun, parkour
  • Social projects

    Social projects

    • - 2011 - Dance project to support hearing impaired children
    • - 2013 - Dance and Support "Dont touch street art " protest. The aim of the protest is to create focus and attack attention on restrictions, psycological and physical police violance on street artists, and to explain street art is the voice, the heart, joy of the streets.
    • - 2015 Modern Dance is performance called 'No To Violence Against Women’ at the Istanbul International Dance Festival. The performance was about a young woman by the age 19. She was killed , sexually violated 2 weeks before the performance.
    • - 2016 solo jazz performance 'free woman' in Istanbul International Dance Festival to show the power of woman who are stated as second class in the society.
    • - 2016 team with 15 woman. "Just Women" salsa coreography in lstanbul International Dance Festival. One to one interviewas with each of them , ages between 25-45. The aim of the performance is to show dance is a way to reach freedom.
    • - 2016 Dace performance ' for freedom ' to support worker strikes in İzmir in their struggle to have equal rights, and equal salary and social rights system.
  • The dance festivals that I took part in
  • The Branches that I am Training
  • Social projects

My Life, My Education Life, My Personal Details and Contact

My Life

My Life

Since my childhood , I am interested in philosophy and social problems and I create my choreographies by the impression of the books, the nature and the social topics. I can’t tell when I started dancing because dancing is like breathing for me. When I noticed the importance of dance in my life, I was 12 and I was watching street dancers in a park. I met them and joined their crew. I never felt that free in my life. I took some training in various branches in plenty of dance schools. Every schools that I applied gave me a scholarship. My adventure of dancing hiphop and break dancing went on with contemporary dancing and salsa. I have been dancing as a professional since 2010. I got training for ballet, contemporary, jazz, salsa, cuban dance, tango, hiphop, break dance, pole dance. The contests that I took part in: International Break Dance competitions 1st place, July 2011, Marmaris, Turkey. İstanbul among high schools competition best female dancer, April 2012 İstanbul,Turkey İstanbul Salsa Battle Cup 1st place, March 2013 İstanbul, Turkey. I became interested in theatre in 2010 and I got training in Nazım Hikmet Cultural Centre. I took part in several television series, various commercials as a dancer and an actress. Between 2014-2015, I worked as a choreographer, dancer and actress at Turkish State Theatres which is one of the most important theatre centres. Since 2012, I take the stage as a solo dancer and instructor in the international dance congresses and festivals.
My Education Life

My Education Life

Primary and Secondary School: Private Akdeniz School (Adana)

Highschool : Private Anabilim Schools (İstanbul)

University: Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Contemporary Dance Branch

My Personal Details and Contact Details

My Personal Details and Contact Details

Country: Turkey

City: İstanbul

e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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